Hi, my name is Snickers (SniX, but more about that later). I am a Brindle Staffordshire Terrier. I was born somewhere in September/October 2001, so that makes me about 2 years of age at this moment. I am not sure if I was born without it or if I had an accident, but part of my right hip-bone is missing, which makes me a little bit of a cripple, but not so bad that you would notice. I think because of this my care takers dumped me at the Linwood Animal Hospital in Southern New Jersey. They tied me to a pool outside the office and left me there. Fortunately one of the nurses found me in the morning and called my now mommy to see if see could take care of me until they would find me a home. First she said "no", but than, probably because my (now) daddy was in the Netherlands at that time she changed her mind and said "yes". So I came to Princessland. My mommy and daddy already were taking care of 19 dogs at that moment so for sometime we were living there mommy and daddy, 19 dogs and a puppy which was me of course.
In the picture on the left I am sitting underneath my daddy's desk at that time. This was one of my favorite places to be when I was a puppy. I used to sit there as I do in the picture and I used to sleep there with my head on my daddy's feet while he was working. My daddy also put his briefcase underneath there. I don't think I really liked that as much, but my daddy is a computer programmer and had all kinds of cables behind that desk. Once I got to those cables and chewed a couple of them. When I did that the sound of my daddy's computer did not work anymore. My daddy said it was fortunate that I just chewed the speaker wires, what ever that means. I could also have chewed the T1 wire for the Internet Server. That would not have been so cool.